2013 Conference Abstracts

We urge everyone attending Convo to do some advance preparation by reading the abstracts of presentations of particular interest to you. It will give you a better idea of which program sessions you prefer to attend. If you wish to read more about particular presentations — a complete paper, notes of research in progress, an outline of a workshop — we invite you to contact the presenter directly at the email listed with the abstracts to request a copy. We trust many of you will engage with presenters ahead of time, to enliven discussion during Convo’s program sessions.

We are not posting full papers on the Collegium website ahead of the meeting, as has been our practice for past Collegium meetings. Instead, we have arranged this method of individual, private contacts because the editor of the Journal of Unitarian Universalist History has suggested that the 2015 issue of the journal be devoted to presentations from Convo. She cannot include in the journal any paper previously published, and  posting a complete paper on the Collegium website constitutes publishing, by the terms of this journal. We want to keep everyone’s presentation eligible for eventual publication in JUUH. Once the Convo is over, and we determine which papers might be published there (you may indicate if you are not interested in having your Convo work published), we will invite you send your complete paper to be posted on the Collegium website, as per our usual practice.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Barbara Coeyman, Program Committee: