Collegium Constitution

(Amended 2010)

(1) Introduction

Collegium, An Association for Liberal Religious Studies, is established to encourage collaboration among scholarly members of our clergy and laity who share similar interests; to promote significant theological reflection within and about the Unitarian Universalist movement and other liberal re­ligious movements; to disseminate resources, research, and findings which bear upon the problem of how liberal religion is to address the contemporary situation; and to sustain our heritage of the learned ministry.

(2) Programs

To these ends, Collegium will sponsor lectures, conferences, and a website. Conferences shall be convened annually, the dates and location to be designated by the executive committee.

(3) Scholar’s Database

Collegium shall also undertake to maintain a scholar’s database under the auspices of the Website Chair, who shall make an annual report to the members.

(4) Membership

Members are those who pay annual dues established by the executive committee.  Members are entitled to one vote in person at the annual conference

(5) Officers:

The affairs and business of the association shall be managed and conducted by the following officers: chair, vice chair, immediate past chair, the secretary/­treasurer, website chair and program chair. Officers shall be elected at the annual conference by a majority vote of those present. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected to two-year terms in even numbered years and the Secretary/Treasurer is elected to two-year terms in odd number years.  All other officers are elected annually.

(6) Responsibilities of Officers:

  1. Chair: lead and the set goals/direction for Collegium in conjunction with the executive committee; Chair the executive committee; maintain communication with all members of the executive committee and ensure that their work is ongoing; call one face-to-face meeting at each annual conference; initiate and facilitate ongoing work between conferences according to current needs and activities; welcome members and guests to each annual conference; chair the business meeting at the annual conference
  2. Vice Chair: maintain ties and communicate with the UUA; serve as conduit between the UUA and the executive committee; distribute meeting announcement (brochure, flyer) at GA; coordinate Collegium sessions at GA; promote Collegium to various constituencies
  3. Immediate Past Chair:  provide continuity for Collegium; serve as advisor to the chair; accept responsibilities as requested by the chair and/or executive committee
  4. Secretary/Treasurer: maintain electronic files of active members; manage Collegium finances; maintain electronic file of treasurer’s report; serve as registrar for annual conference; take minutes for the business meeting at the annual conference; submit copies of the treasurer’s report and any other pertinent materials to the membership at the annual conference; maintain and communicate with membership regarding membership status, website, and annual conference; submit the general notice (advertising the call for papers for the next year’s conference), the minutes of business meetings, and the conference announcement to the membership
  5. Website Chair: maintain communication with the webmaster and serve as conduit between the webmaster and the executive committee; oversee and manage the content of the scholar’s database; set up an ad-hoc website committee if the need arises
  6. Program Chair: develop and implement the program for the annual conference by (a) serving as the contact for each year’s distinguished scholar, (b) producing and distributing the call for papers, (c) arranging papers into sessions and coordinating all components of the annual conference; and (d) preparing a general meeting notice in advance of the annual conference, including the identification of the distinguished scholar, to be distributed by the secretary/treasurer.

(7) Executive Committee:

            The executive committee shall be comprised of the following officers:

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Immediate Past Chair
  4. Secretary/Treasurer
  5. Website Chair
  6. Program Chair

(8) Responsibilities of the Executive Committee:

The affairs and business of Collegium shall be managed and conducted by the executive committee.  By agreeing to serve as officers of the association, members of the executive committee agree to:

  1. Attend the executive committee meeting during the annual conference
  2. Maintain communication between conferences and respond to Collegium-related communication initiated by the chair or other members of the executive committee
  3. Engage in the ongoing work of Collegium between conferences in order to grow and maintain the association]

(9): Amending the Constitution:

This constitution may be amended by a 2/3rds vote of the members present at the annual conference, provided that all members are notified in writing of the proposed changes or the substance thereof at least 30 days in advance.