Collegium Welcomes New Members

Collegium is an Association for Liberal Religious Studies established to encourage collaboration among scholarly members of our clergy and laity who share similar interests; to promote significant theological reflection within and about the Unitarian Universalist movement and other liberal religious movements; to disseminate resources, research, and findings which bear upon the problem of how liberal religion is to address the contemporary situation; and to sustain our heritage of the learned ministry. Copies of previous Collegium presentations are available on the website.

We actively encourage clergy, laity, seminarians, archivists, researchers, writers, and scholars whose interests are relevant to the tradition of liberal religious studies to become Collegium members.

ThLeekerere are four levels of membership in Collegium:

• Active membership

• Associate membership

• Student membership

• Life membershipmember


If you are currently engaged in some aspect of liberal religious studies, you are encouraged to become an active member by completing the membership form, which includes a brief précis of your scholarly pursuits, paying annual dues of $35 ($15 for those with limited means), and participating in conferences.

If you are interested in promoting liberal religious studies, but not in research and writing, you are invited to become an associate member. In place of a précis of scholarly work, you may submit a letter expressing your particular interests, pay annual dues of $35 ($15 for those with limited means), and attend conferences.

If you are a student in theological school or another academic program related to liberal religious studies, you may become a student member by submitting a description of your course of study, paying annual dues of $15, and attending Collegium conferences.

If you would like to help sustain Collegium in future years, you are encouraged to become a life member of Collegium for a one-time fee of $30.

Please join online by clicking  here.

Or download and print the paper membership application. When completed, send with a one page précis about your work and a check payable to “Collegium” with the memo line marked “membership dues” to:

John Leeker, Collegium secretary/treasurer
Meadville Lombard Theological School
610 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605