About Collegium

The mission of Collegium is to bring together the best academic, ministerial, lay,  and other resources to bear upon the intellectual life of Unitarian Universalism through encouraging, sharing, and distributing scholarly and other creative work

Collegium is a mutually supportive network of academic and independent scholars, ministers, and students, most but not all of whom are Unitarian Universalists.  This group of women and men involved in scholarly pursuits related to liberal religious studies has met annually since 1975 to share mutual interests and work-in-progress.  Members gather for a weekend each October or November, alternating between a Boston-area location, one near Chicago or one in the San Francisco area. Sessions include a presentation by an invited Distinguished Scholar and meetings of separate groups interested in one of two focus areas – history and theology and ethics – to hear and discuss papers presented by members.  Manuscripts benefit from friendly critique, ideas are sparked, and resources are shared in conversation with one another.Distinguished scholars who have honored Collegium over the years include James Luther Adams, George Huntston Williams, Kendra and Huston Smith, Clare Benedicks Fischer, and Thandeka.  From time to time the association sponsors the publication of conference proceedings and other scholarly work related to liberal religion.

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